Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How secure is CLINX or services taken from CLINX?
A. CLINX is hosted & served from state of the art cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services & Linode). Both the data in transition & data at rest (sensitive information like user credentials) are encrypted end-to-end, plus all interaction with servers happens over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transmission, which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL terminates within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Linode network.
Q. How clean are mail services?
A. All our mails (transaction & marketing) are handled through reputed & leading email automation service. Our mailing module is powerful & engineered for reliability. This also ensures that all your mails are reached at the earliest & in the customer’s INBOX only unlike other mail services that may end up in spam folders.
Q. Can we change website color or content on our own and is it chargeable?
A. Once you opt for Website services of CLINX, you get the access for the WebBuilder module. Using the webbuilder feature, you are free to play around with colour, sections & content of your website. You can always get in touch with your CLINX account manager for any minor help needed. Incase of a major change in creative or content, you will be charged based on the effort needed and there are no standard prices but would be based on your requirement.
Q. Do you charge for enquiries we get from CLINX market place?
A. On signing up with CLINX, you would get FREE Credits and responding to each enquiry costs 1 Credit. Once you consume all your free credits, you can buy more credits at a very nominal charge. Please note that our credits don’t expire unlike other platforms, hence you are free to consume at your will.
Q. Do we get all the features that will be added in future for free?
A. All new features that are in our product road map added to CLINX platform would be given to you for FREE. However, there could be few features that are associated with Website, Payment Gateway & Marketing services that may not be FREE. As an existing customer you will always be given discounted prices as & when the features are LIVE.
Q. Can we have our own quotation design?
A. Currently there is no option to change your quotation or purchase order design. We feel that the current layout is quite simple but elegant. However, allowing custom designs is part of our product road map and would be released soon. You will be notified about the same once it is part of our platform.
Q. What will be the renewal charges?
A. Signing up in CLINX is FREE and will continue to be FREE for lifetime. However, in order to use certain features (Marketing & Sales related) you will have to buy Credits with a very nominal fee. Your Credits don’t expire, so you can use them as & when you please. There is an annual subscription fee associated for your Domain, Website & Email services. You will be reminded 30 days prior to expiry of subscription. The charges would be similar during your signup (excluding your one time setup charges) but may vary due to statutory changes enforced by the government.
Q. Do we have to remind you on domain renewals?
A. Our automated systems would notify you well in advance about the expiry & subsequent renewals needed for your domain & website services. These email notifications would help you renew without any our customer care help. However, our account managers would get in touch with you if there is any help needed during renewal.
Q. If not satisfied, how to exit?
A. We are confident about our platform and its utility would ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the features available in CLINX & related services. However, in case any of our customers are not satisfied with our services, please get in touch with your CLINX account managers. They would help disable your account, which would make sure that none of your products/services are listed in our platform. If the customer has opted for Domain, Website & Email services, our team would help you transfer domain & payment gateway to the required servers.
Q. Any hidden charges?
A. No, we don’t charge our customers based on transactions. The website payment gateway is integrated to your Bank Account provided during signup and would reflect in your account around 48 hours of transaction (working hours).
Q. If exited from services after couple of months from the subscription date, will we get back any refund?
A. We would confident that our platform & services suits every customer’s need in improving business efficiency & brand building. However, if any of our customers is not satisfied with our services, we will help them transfer/migrate their domain & payment gateway to your new servers with the help of associated partners. In short, no refunds would be made.
Q. Can I pay in installments?
A. No body likes follow-ups especially for payments. We believe in the same. All payments are upfront and we prefer to go the digital way. You can make the payment using Net Banking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Account transfer. During sign-up, your CLINX account manager will be able to help you based on your preference.
Q. Since this is service, is TDS Applicable?
A. Yes, TDS is applicable. Once the payment is made, you will receive Tax Invoice to your registered email id. In case of any queries, please get in touch with your CLINX account manager for any clarification.